Gen2 Chemical Imaging Chip
Gen2 High Density Chemical Imaging
Microfluidic Impedance-Based Flow Cytometer
Digital Microfluidics (DMF)

Microfluidic Impedance-based Flow Cytometer

Flow cytometry has provides a high-throughput method for counting, characterizing, and sorting individual cells, but current methods require the use of fluorescent tags and lasers for analysis and sorting, leading to high-cost, bulky machinery, and the need for experienced technicians. This project aims to develop a low-cost, label-free, small-scale integrated device for characterizing and sorting individual cells. This is useful for a number of applications, including the detection of trace amounts of bacteria in water samples or rare cells in biological fluids. Integration of this device with user-friendly analytical software will provide an valuable tool for rapid analysis of both biomedical and environmental samples for point-of-care diagnostics and field testing.